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Can Yoga be healing?

I traveled to Belize in 2017 and had the most AMAZING yoga experience on a rooftop with breathtaking views! I tried Yoga for the first time and felt a level of relaxation I had never felt before. 

Studies have shown that anxiety, stress, depression, heart disease, and other ailments affect Black people disproportionately compared to other ethnic groups, but the statistics rise alarmingly when it comes to the health of black women. Because of the many external and internal social stressors—racism, sexism, socio-economic issues—Black women do not have space to accurately practice self-care in a way that is safe and fulling for them and lets be honest...2020 has been a MESS!

Now with wellness becoming a trillion-dollar industry, many Black women have come to create spaces that are inclusive and safe, particularly when it comes to yoga. There are trap yoga studios, hip hop yoga studios and platforms that cater to women of color. There is a new generation of Black women who are taking the lessons from the women before them and redefining their ideas of wellness in innovative ways. My personal favorite is Chelsea Jackson Roberts who I practice with via the Peloton App.  This isn’t a new phenomenon. but there is a reason why Black women have been increasingly turning to yoga and there is no denying it's "healing" effects.

 Give it a try and let me know if it centers you! 

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