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How to use a Wick Trimmer

A great candle experience begins with proper candle care and maintenance. Sure - you can ignore all the care tips and your candle will still burn but not optimally…and…you’ll notice it.

There is nothing better when you burn a candle and it melts beautifully.  So the next few blogs i'm going to share with you a few hints and tips to get the best out of burning your candles :) 

Trimming the wick of a candle creates a cleaner, brighter burn. In fact, untrimmed wicks are more likely to take on a mushroom-like form, which dulls and obscures the flame, not to mention the fact that the candle holder is more likely to get burned carbon markings on it if the wick is left untrimmed indefinitely.


Using a wick trimmer is similar to using scissors.

  •  Hold them by the handles, keeping your hands a safe distance from the flame.
  • Line the blades up with the wick, leaving roughly between 1/4 and 1/8 of the wick remaining.
  • Pull the blades closed and find that the trimming has ended up in the box tray.
  • Remember to clean it out the tray regularly.

Don't forget, the candle wick needs to be trimmed for every 4 hours that it burns, and before the candle is lit.


Recommended for:
Candle lovers! If you light candles often/every night /every other night like I do, you’ll find it immensely useful! You’ll find yourself using your wick trimmer every time you go to light/put out a candle! 🙂 They also make great gifts for candle lovers (if they don’t already own one). 

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