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You should use a Candle Snuffer....let me explain

Why use a Candle Snuffer? Or is the real question, why shouldn't you blow out a candle.

Simply put: candles can be messy (not calling any of you out) but I've heard some stories lol

If they are not put out properly it’s easy to get soot and wax all over the place including the floors and walls around the candle. And let's be honest, it's way more elegant than blowing out a candle.

Bonus: Candle snuffers are also used to put out candles that are out of reach or in awkward positions.


If you want the science....

There are two primary ways to put out a fire. You can eliminate the fuel source, or you can eliminate the airflow that is providing the oxygen necessary for combustion. A candle snuffer relies on the second method to put out a candle. It cuts the fire off from airflow in a way that is clean and efficient.

How do you clean a Candle Snuffer?

As with any wax, you really have two options. Option number one, you freeze the wax making it hard and flakey, after that, you scrape off the frozen wax with a knife or scraper. Simple! The second option is to heat up the wax and then have the wax drip onto a paper towel.

I usually just scrape it off, and I have never had any issues with scratches or blemishes.

Consider a Candle Snuffer the next time you purchase a candle, I guarantee you won't regret it. 

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